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[sticky post] How to draw manga?

If you want to draw manga and you want to know more about it, then this article for you because we will talk about the basics of drawing manga and some interesting facts about manga. What are the things that you need to know before you start your lesson or start drawing manga characters? What makes manga complicated to draw? Why manga is so popular? I am sure that you are also interested to know the answers to these questions, so I will try to answer these questions for you in this article too. Drawing manga characters is fun and I am pretty sure that you will like it too, once you know how to draw or how to use drawing patterns.

What is Manga?

I am pretty sure that you are wondering what is the meaning of this popular Japanese word “Manga”, this simply means “comic book” in Japan, you can say that manga is Japan’s version of comic books which is totally different from any comic books that we know because Japanese comic book or manga characters has distinctive features and postures like big and shiny eyes and perspective views that makes them really popular around the world and on the Internet.

Manga is popular all over the world, especially in Japan, where everybody in any age can read manga because manga has 10 types or genres:

  • Doujinshi manga – are fan made manga. This kind of manga is not written and drawn by a mangaka or manga artist.
  • Gekiga manga – or dramatic pictures manga. This is an experimentalmanga.
  • Josei manga – literally means “Lady Manga”. This manga is exclusively for adule women
  • Seinen manga – this is the excat opposite of Josei manga, this mangais for adult males.
  • Shoujo manga – this type of manga is for teen or young females. The story usually focuses on relationships.
  • Shonen manga – is for young males and the story usually focuses about sports, romance and action.
  • Kodomo manga – simply means “child”. The target audience or readers of this manga are children.
  • Shoujo ai and Shonen ai – focuses on same sex relationships.

What makes manga popular?

Manga and manga characters are popular all over the world because they have these different and distinctive features and the way mangakas draw manga characters are different from the comic characters we know. Manga characters usually have: big eyes, big heads, exaggerated body or proportion and some of them even turn into small and cute stuffed toy like characters called “chibi”.

Why is it complicated to draw?

Drawing manga characters is quite hard to draw, especially if you are a complete beginner because most manga characters has this hard to draw features like perfect or exaggerated body proportions, hands, faces, hair and clothes, but once you know the basics or the patterns everything will be easy for you. Another manga character feature that makes them complicated to draw is their postures and poses, most of them are in perspective views which make the body look deformed.

Drawing manga characters is fun. It is not yet too late to learn this skill. You just need practice and patience to get better.

Ball Runner

2014 World Cup is under way. People who can’t go to the game will sit in front of their TV set or PC for it. Some of fans may play football themselves. Or play games online? Here is a game for you: Ball Runner.

In this great 3D game you can control the soccer ball and try to get to the finish as fast as you can. You have to collect all the corners as possible, because if you stop somewhere for a long time you lose the good time that you need.

The game play:

1.    Move the ball with w, a, s, d movement.
2.    The bar from top left corner indicates the speed boost you can use pressing left ctrl.
3.    Space to jump and right mouse button to ‘brake’.
4.    If you hold the speed boost button and press space you’ll jump forward fast.

This game is funny. But to our pity, in those games online, you can’t control the ball with your feet, but your hands by mouse or keyboard. That’s so different from the reality. After all, they are just games.


Frozen Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you like puzzle games? There are so many fun games in this kind. Well, this game will introduce you in a frozen world where you have to solve many puzzles to reach your purpose.

Frozen Jigsaw Puzzle is one of fun games with the theme of popular 3D animation movie Frozen. We can learn it from its title. Last time I played another puzzle game named ‘Frozen Winter Puzzle’. They are similar in some ways. But this one has one more step – rotate the puzzle pieces by pressing space bar. The pieces can’t be located if they haven’t been rotated.

The background is the reference picture, which makes easier to finish the task, not like other games putting it by the side. However, the color of the background is too bright. This sometimes is hard to recognize.

Anyway, have fun in this game.



I was impressed by the TV series Prison Break. I still remember some plots today. Maybe not too similar, there are some games online involved this plot. Like this one, Jailbreak.

Night has fallen. The lights have been turned off so the game's graphics is dark. Prison guard walks around outside the cell. The player needs to help the prisoner escaped from the jail in this game. All people in this game are little black guys. Maybe someone likes the character design, but I’m not one of them.

The game play:

Use arrow keys for movement
Hold d and to move box

I think the time is very important in this game. The prisoner needs to pass through without anyone taking notice. Avoid being reached by the light of prison guard’s flashlights. And the prisoner needs to find key before times runs out to 00:00.

Even if this is just one of free games online, I have to say, it’s not easy to play. I still can’t found the key so far.


Gangblast 2

There are so many fun games on the internet for free today. I just wondering, is really there someone get any fun from fun games like Gangblast 2?

Gangblast 2 is the second round of the physics-based shootout game in which you have to blast all gang members off the platform at all costs. Of course, there is the first round. But here we just play this one. In this game, you can use your pistol to bump off baddies and shoot barrels to cause a massive explosion. But don't waste your ammo.

In this game, the player needs to eliminate all bandits from level by using his gun to drop bandits off a cliff. And blue bricks cannot be destroyed, but yellow ones can. Bullets can also break ropes. Sometimes, the gun can even activate dynamite, freeze bandits etc. what a useful weapon!

The game is not difficult to play, but I don’t really like this game, because the plot is not my type. It’s too cruel.


Dkicker 2 World Cup

World Cup 2014 is coming! Do you like football?

Recently there are more new free games for football fans, like this one -- Dkicker 2 World Cup. In this game, you needs to control the player using the mouse and click with the right button for a kick. You will need good timing and steady nerves! Haha, after playing this game, I have to say, even free games are not easy to play.

You have 5 attempts to score 2 goals to qualify in this game. Move the mouse left and right to position your player, and click to shoot. Players head the ball instead of kicking when it is in the air. Try to make the goal in a single kick or header, or stop the ball first. Make sure you shoot before time runs out! You have only 15 seconds each time. Goals scored with one strike are worth 2 points all other goals are worth 1 point.

Are you ready to score the winning goal?


Baby Hazel Kite Flying

Baby Hazel wants to participate in Kite festival, but before she needs learn how to fly kites, prepare new kite and learn to fly kites with this new baby hazel game. Maybe some kids really can learn something from this kind of baby games.

In this game, Baby Hazel is excited to learn how to fly a kite. As kite flying is not so easy for a toddler, she needs somebody to teach her the tricky task. Can you be with our little girl and help her in kite flying? The player needs to help little princess and her Dad in making the kite by fulfilling her needs on time. Make sure the kite does not does not get stuck on any obstacle and Hazel enjoys kite flying to fullest.

After the kite is made, Hazel and her friends go to the park to fly their kites. As all of them are too young, the player needs to guide them in flying kites and make their kite flying day fun filled and memorable by helping them to fly kites high in the air.

I found even animals can speak in recent baby games of this series.


Snail Racing

Have you ever watched the animation movie “Turbo”, which tells the story of a racing snail? I think it’s popular, because I even find some fun games about that racing snail Turbo, like this one -- Snail Racing.

In this game, Turbo is racing with other snail friends. The player needs to help Turbo to win. In the movie, snails eat tomatoes as their food. And in this game, Turbo also needs enough tomatoes to keep its running, just like tomatoes are its energy. Coins are helpful too. So the player needs to collect as much tomatoes and coins as possible in the run. Tapping Space is for jump and pressing arrow keys is for moving forward.

This kind of fun games is normal. But this game adapted from the movie has a sweet plot. I like it. The only thing I don’t like is that the tomatoes are a bit difficult to detected because the color is too light.


Battle Cry

I just finish a game named Battle Cry. I think I couldn’t be a good commander. I won first two battles and then lost the next, again and again, until I lost my interests in this game and give it up.

In this game, the player commands his very own army to battles against all who oppose him. It includes a 3 act single player campaign, a player versus player ladder system and an intricate army management system. You can choose games online or offline.

Offline play allows you to:
Complete the single player campaign
Access basic game features
Game progress are saved on your computer directly

Online one:
On top of all the features from the offline play. Playing on the servers will allow you to:
Collect daily rewards
Compete in the ladder
Battle against your friends
Save your game online and play with your progress anywhere.

You can make the fight go faster by pressing the 2x button.

People play games online to have fun. But I don’t enjoy this game anymore, so I think I will not try it again.


Trigngular 2048

It seems that 2048 is very popular among today’s free games. I just found a new game related to it -- Trigngular 2048.

However, different from 2048 we’re familiar, the player need to combine triangles with the same values (8+8=16) and see if you can reach 2048 in Trigngular 2048. So, in this game, the number starts with 8, not 2. And the pieces are not squares any more. They are triangles now. Each keypress still can move all pieces one the board one step. But this game is not using arrow keys to control the move of pieces, but “w”, ”Q”, ”E”, ”A”, “S”, “D”. And a piece can only move to one of its three.

I have to say, this game is more difficult to play than the old one, which I got a lot of fun with. I spent a while to get used to the rule of this game. They are so different. Both of them are free games, but I prefer the old one, simple and funny.




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