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If you want to draw manga and you want to know more about it, then this article for you because we will talk about the basics of drawing manga and some interesting facts about manga. What are the things that you need to know before you start your lesson or start drawing manga characters? What makes manga complicated to draw? Why manga is so popular? I am sure that you are also interested to know the answers to these questions, so I will try to answer these questions for you in this article too. Drawing manga characters is fun and I am pretty sure that you will like it too, once you know how to draw or how to use drawing patterns.

What is Manga?

I am pretty sure that you are wondering what is the meaning of this popular Japanese word “Manga”, this simply means “comic book” in Japan, you can say that manga is Japan’s version of comic books which is totally different from any comic books that we know because Japanese comic book or manga characters has distinctive features and postures like big and shiny eyes and perspective views that makes them really popular around the world and on the Internet.

Manga is popular all over the world, especially in Japan, where everybody in any age can read manga because manga has 10 types or genres:

  • Doujinshi manga – are fan made manga. This kind of manga is not written and drawn by a mangaka or manga artist.
  • Gekiga manga – or dramatic pictures manga. This is an experimentalmanga.
  • Josei manga – literally means “Lady Manga”. This manga is exclusively for adule women
  • Seinen manga – this is the excat opposite of Josei manga, this mangais for adult males.
  • Shoujo manga – this type of manga is for teen or young females. The story usually focuses on relationships.
  • Shonen manga – is for young males and the story usually focuses about sports, romance and action.
  • Kodomo manga – simply means “child”. The target audience or readers of this manga are children.
  • Shoujo ai and Shonen ai – focuses on same sex relationships.

What makes manga popular?

Manga and manga characters are popular all over the world because they have these different and distinctive features and the way mangakas draw manga characters are different from the comic characters we know. Manga characters usually have: big eyes, big heads, exaggerated body or proportion and some of them even turn into small and cute stuffed toy like characters called “chibi”.

Why is it complicated to draw?

Drawing manga characters is quite hard to draw, especially if you are a complete beginner because most manga characters has this hard to draw features like perfect or exaggerated body proportions, hands, faces, hair and clothes, but once you know the basics or the patterns everything will be easy for you. Another manga character feature that makes them complicated to draw is their postures and poses, most of them are in perspective views which make the body look deformed.

Drawing manga characters is fun. It is not yet too late to learn this skill. You just need practice and patience to get better.

Lemon Break

Do you like Adventure Time?

When I saw the cover of Lemon Break among a lot of free games, I can’t help clicking it and trying to find out what the game is. Finn is in the cover.

This is an adventure game in which Finn went to the Lemon Kingdom where he find some of the inhabitants of the land of lemons have been trapped in cages set by evil Lord Lemongrab. So help Finn to rescue all the captives!

These are words through the game. Heed these wall words and use arrow keys to move. The player probably uses one hand to control the move of Finn. Collect lemons and rescue the captives, but be careful to the big rats. And the game will be over if Finn jumps in to the green water pool. I like this kind of free games, I mean, free adventure games. They are very interesting and challenging.


Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure

Here comes a new baby game. Its name is Baby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure, which is one of Baby Hazel series baby games.

This time, Baby hazel is in a cruise enjoying life in the middle of waters. She does not know anybody in the cruise, and she is all alone. So in this game, the player has to take care of her needs and make sure she does not get lost. Fulfill her demands on time to keep our princess happy.

Game play is easy: use mouse to interact with baby hazel. There are still some conversations in this game, but not too much. I think the parts in the lighthouse and on the way to the island are very interesting. As to the part in the cruise, I can’t help thinking that I’m a server or something. I never have this kind of feeling when I played other baby games. At that time, in my eyes, Baby Hazel is somehow not like a kid any more.


Frenzy Airport

I have never been on a plane yet. I have not even been to the airport. Everything in the airport is unknown for me. Well, it seems that I have no any chance to take a plane so far. However, I found a new game -- Frenzy Airport, which is one of fun games of time management.

In this game the player is assigned to help travelers at the airport catch their planes on time. The player is not the traveler but one of the staff in the airport. I played two Frenzy series fun games before: Frenzy Clinic and Frenzy Noodles. Both of them are time management games. Compared with those two, Frenzy Airport has less people to deal with. It looks a bit empty at first few levels. But the game still needs speedy service.


Farm Frenzy 2

Would you be interested in running a farm? It might be complex in our real life, but you can try to run one by play games online. Farm Frenzy 2 is a good choice.

In this game you can manage your farm as you grab and sell eggs and make other farm related products to make money. Like running a real farm, you have a lot of things to do. Believe me, you will be busy.

You have to pay for everything in this game, even the water from the well. If you have no enough coins, you can’t full the well with water. And without water, there’s no grass, which is chicken’s food. There’re no products if all chicken are starved. So at least you have to keep enough coins to buy water.

The game play is simple. Just click appropriate places by using your mouse:

Click the well to buy water.
Click the ground to water it and make the grass grow.
Collect products in the warehouse.

Please keep an eye on your farm. Some bears may break in at any time and then you may lose your chicken. Click the bears as quick as possible. In this way, cages are made and bears are caught. You can sell them to the city by truck, as well as other products, like eggs. The space of warehouse is limited. So sell the products in time. What’s more, you can upgrade your buildings and more using the stars you collected.

It’s really funny to play this kind of games online.


2048 Flash

What comes to mind when you see “2048 Flash”? For me, maybe some computer stuff.

Well, 2048 Flash is one of free games, which is classified as puzzle games. The game play is to join the numbers game and get to the 2048 tile. The number starts with 2, and the players have to join the number and try their best to get 2048. The bigger the number, the deeper the color of the box is, from white to red. Move the number boxes by using arrow keys. Once all the cells are filled, the game is over. I like this kind of free games which are simple and funny. Puzzle is one of my favorite categories. I am addicted to this game recently and so far 1024 is the biggest number I can get in this game.

Any funny puzzle games recommendation?


Baby Hazel Winter Fun

Spring is coming now and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. However, I found they just add new Baby Hazel series game to baby games – “Baby Hazel Winter Fun”. In this game, it’s still in the winter.

The game play is to join Baby Hazel and her friends, making snowman, building igloo, skiing and fishing. It’s simply like any baby games in Baby Hazel series games. Just satisfy characters’ need with the tips. When I played another game named “Baby Hazel African Safari”, I found the game maker adds more conversations in the game and makes the plots richer. So does this one. I even got to know the name of little white dog now. But in the other hand, with those conversations, the game takes more time to finish.


Sushi Cat 2

Do you like sushi? Do you like cats? Do cats like to eat sushi? I don’t know. But in some fun games, cats do eat sushi, for example, Sushi Cat 2.

The game play is to help Sushi Cat get his wife back by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. The cat will grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win and then unlock new outfits for Sushi Cat along the way by collecting golden sushi on each level.

It’s funny that the one picked up by the chopsticks is not sushi, but Sushi Cat. Clicking the mouse, Sushi Cat will fall and “eat” sushi around it. If it falls on a special sushi, which is “Supermarket sweep”, the cat will stop falling temporarily and you can click on as much sushi as possible before time runs out. In this way, the task will be finished quickly.

I like every short story before entering the new level. They are very interesting. But it seems that not all the fun games make those lovely plots.


Elsa Frozen Real Haircuts

3D animated movie Frozen is quite popular recently. You can see something about it here and there. Even there are some games online which are involved with the movie, like this one—"Elsa Frozen Real Haircuts”.

In this game, Elsa is still the main role. And you will play an important role too. You can design a new hairstyle that fits Elsa's personality. You can also get a wonderful dress and choose icy power for her.

It’s the first time I play haircuts games online. I think it’s more difficult to deal with hair than we do in our real life. I hardly can make a nice hairstyle for Elsa. I can’t even brush her hair well. This game is difficult for me. As for the part of dress, I think it’s similar to other girls’ games or baby games and easy. I have to say, hairstyle is very important to someone’s image.


Anime Princess Avatar

Do you like anime? If your answer is yes, here is a game for you -- Anime Princess Avatar. It’s one of free games that you can play online. In this game you can freedom your imagination to create a beautiful princess avatar, moving and resizing her facial features up and down, finally make a nice girl.

I think it’s very convenient for someone who is not that good at drawing like me to create an anime girl. Just clicking can make it. You can simply create girls by choosing several parts like hair, eyes, eyes brown, mouth, dress and so on. To some extent, this kind of free games can satisfy anime lovers who want to make their own characters.




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