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NARUTO MANGA should be the hottest manga recently. If you read NARUTO MANGA online, you will find it ranks on the top for quite a long time. There are so many NARUTO MANGA fans all around the world, no matter Asia or Western countries. They are fascinated with it.
NARUTO MANGA is a very long manga, and is still ongoing. Although its chapter number is up to 500, many fans is waiting for new NARUTO MANGA chapter.

Why can NARUTO MANGA gain so many manga fans' love? I think one main reason is that NARUTO MANGA
is a manga about ninja, which is a mysterious group of people in
Japanese history. People are always attracted by mysterious things
because everyone has curiosity. People want to know how they live, how
they train, how they work etc.. Then NARUTO MANGA shows something they want to know.
does indeed tell us something about the ninja. I'm tired of learning so
many terms such as genin, chunin, tailed beasts and so on. NARUTO MANGA is a long story, and sometimes it makes people think it last too long.
Both children and adults would become its fans but they soon quit it one by one. Why? NARUTO MANGA
is always dragging on--one plot can last several chapters, you wait
then read it, but you find there almost nothing new, especially the
anime--the producer makes many extra episodes. That is so annoying. It
seems sort of wasting of time.
I don't want to talk about the plot of NARUTO MANGA here, and let's see something about its protagonist NARUTO MANGA. NARUTO MANGA
is a naughty boy in the view of people of the leaf village. Twelve
years ago, the nine-tailed Demon fox attacked the leaf village. To save
villagers, the fourth hokage sealed the Demon fox inside a newborn baby.
The baby was NARUTO MANGA. That is why villagers treat NARUTO MANGA so mean. They hate and scare that Demon fox.
is an active boy. He has golden hair, blue eyes, funny beard like cat,
no , fox.(hehe...) His typical dress is that orange suit. He is not good
at study, and always do the trick. Actually, he just wants to draw
others' attention because villagers treat him so indifferent. What a
poor boy! In such circumstances, he grows up and is still a kind boy.
That is so touching.
Naruto values the friendship very much. He has a deep connection with Uchiha Sasuke, like a friend and also rival. In later chapter, Sasuke
left the leaf village to gain more power and then take his revenge to
his brother. But Naruto always wants to bring him back. How sad it is
when we saw  Sasuke defeated Naruto and then turned his back and went
away! I think not only Naruto's body hurted but also his heart.
favourite food is pulled noodles. He even has a song of it. Actually, I
got to know pulled noodles because of him. I'm still interested in
Japanese pulled noodles now.
Naruto is trying hard to be a
hokage, the strongest ninja in his village. We don't know the feeling of
having a Demon fox in our body, but we see Naruto. That is so hard, but
he is trying hard. Everyone in NARUTO has his\her fate. The
story of Naruto tells us we can change our fate ourselves. Naruto once
was predicted he would be killed by monster, but he fought against it,
and at last he survived.
NARUTO MANGA is an very inspiring story, but I was wondering where its end is. At least, the story can goes faster and no dragging anymore. 



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